Sinusol™ Nose Spray

  • Sinusol™ for Allergy and Sinus Relief
  • Sinusol™ is a fresh and natural formulation to gently clean and refresh the nasal and sinus mucosa.
  • Sinusol™ is a unique sinus and nasal solution that pleasantly lavages, moisturizes the nasal and sinus mucosa
  • Sinusol™ has been developed by a leading board certified Allergy and Sinus specialist*.
  • Sinusol™ is an advanced natural solution of a unique blend of aromatic ingredients that includes menthol, thymol, eucalyptol, camphor, benzoin, cinnamon, sweet birch, pine oil and mint that has been formulated for nasal moisturizing and lavaging and sinus irrigation.
  • Sinusol™-C is a special formulation containing capsaicin for more chronic cases of nasal and sinus disorders.
  • Frequently asked questions about Sinus and Allergy Rinses.

  • References regarding the complementary and alternative treatments for allergic nasal and sinus disorders.
  • Sinusol™ Directions for use

  • Sinusol™ is the trademark of STARx Technical Corporation DBA STARx Pharma, 400 Mountain Avenue, Springfield, New Jersey 07081