• The iPollencount™ application is a user-friendly app for everyone to use with allergies

  • The iPollencount™ has the ability to monitor the impact allergies affecting

    • the eyes (allergic conjunctivitis),

    • the nose (allergic rhinitis),

    • the skin (especially those affected by atopic dermatitis/eczema and/or hives);

    • as well as individual suffering from asthma.

  • The iPollencount™ app will help you understand and correlate your allergies and asthma with the local pollen count*. See Northeast United States Pollen Count a certified pollen counting station of the National Allergy Bureau. (www.AAAAI.org)

  • The iPollencount™ app will then be able to graphically display your symptom scores for each of different allergies and asthma with the pollen count over the past week.

  • The iPollencount™ report can be sent by e-mail to the physician or healthcare provider of your choice to monitor the clinical impact of the pollen on your allergic symptoms.

* Pollen count presently covers the middle Atlantic and northeast United States.